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  1. I gotta shmoke wit @JolayKnight one mo gain...it's been a hot minute.

  2. You may be overconfident about making an important decision to... More for Cancer http://t.co/KrxgqHU7

  3. Lol RT @Miss_Juice: I spotted a toonie from afar.. came close it was just a quarter with a red middle. #disappointment

  4. Make it happen! RT @MKhilroy: For being a top 5 North American city, T.O should have more labels setting up shop here

  5. Typically, you choose the safer road in a relationship, yet th... More for Cancer http://t.co/KrxgqHU7

  6. Vacay days are the shit!

  7. Lol! RT @rellyOnSMASH: theres not too many r&b niggas u can take ur girl to see and still feel fully confident that u own 100% of her box

  8. Although you have high hopes about accomplishing a lot at work... More for Cancer http://t.co/KrxgqHU7

  9. So is yo momma growing her mustache for Movember?

  10. You are so intuitive today that it's easy to confuse your idea... More for Cancer http://t.co/KrxgqHU7

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