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  1. Santa Clause Really Need To Pay @Nay_Zilla A Visit ctfu

  2. Writing Music Early In The AM, This What I Live For. #MusicMotivates

  3. I do wish I was havin sex tho...

  4. Omw home from skool, bout to relax myself and prolli sleep,

  5. Takin this nut ass test, I aint study either #TeamFail

  6. time to go to work, and ya pussy is the business.

  7. As you get older, things start to change.

  8. Im a straight forward person, jus keep it real wit me and you'll be good.

  9. Up watchin Family Guy.

  10. #1omf was ctfu on the phone wit me, i felt like Kevin Hart lol

  11. Turning free stuff down is like turning down sex...

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