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  1. Everybody Done Forgot Somebody Name Once They Told Them B4.

  2. We HiGH - On The Way To Steak &Shake. Want Something Back ? Give Me Yo Money Ahaha.

  3. Amber This , April That. Where The Head-Hunter's At ? Ahaha ; )

  4. Yea You Might Be A ' Keeper ' But Tonight You Just A Hoe ; )

  5. Welp. #KarmasAbitch. She Told Me But She Don't Know This Her Cousin Middle Name On Me ; ) #ThatShitCray

  6. Why You Loving These Niggas ? I Just Get Money , I Don't Fuck With Y'all Niggas. Bitches Are 4 All , I Ain'… (cont) http://t.co/JvWDrANH

  7. Walk In My Room You Be Like ' Damn Where The Register ? ' All Them Adidas Like I Joined The Adidas Club.

  8. Its 9 Of Us. We ALL Dark-Skin But Our Lil Sister Luv. Her Light Ass

  9. Whats Louie My Killer RT @jonahKEEPaPiece: wuts gucci my nigguh.?

  10. You Cool Sweetiie. Just Checkn Making Sure You Cool. #RNS. @AwManWhatAGirl

  11. Good Morning To All My Short People. We In This Bitch. Short Over Everything

  12. Finna Get My Cup Of Grape Juice.

  13. RT @ManagerAnthony: If u dont promote yourself & all u do is talk about sex on twitter. And shit Keep your day job #MusicBiz101

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