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    13 year old Shaelyn is one fine young lady coming out of Indiana, with a bright future ahead of her. She began all this down in her basement. She is also expanding her talents and is currently learning the guitar. This is a great attitude to have. Shaely has preformed on tv as well as other venues and has a movie in the works called sin of the father produced by p dirl kigdon and phillip glasser a producer of disney movies is seeking a role for her help her reach the top she will be there soon be a part of building a star..

    Shaelyn is starting to write her own music and has one that is being composed now. She got her first taste of recording in a studio in March 2011. She recorded her first demo Cd. She said, this experience lit the fire under her to perform. This young lady is really pushing forward and knows what she wants. After making her demo CD just a short while ago, she is now working on her first real CD. The songs for this are being written by Rusty Golden. Shaelyn has some great people on her team, Rusty has over 20 top ten country hits, plus she is also working with Skip Mitchell, a former Oak Ridge Boys guitar player. Skip found Shaelyn on the internet, and Shaelyn went to his studio to record and they have been working together ever since. This is a great example of the power of the internet, and how it can change someone`s life. Soon everyone will get to see what the power of the great team that she has once this CD is complete. They are sure to bring some great country music to us all.

    While Shaelyn does want to make it big in music, she also hopes to be able to attend Ypas youth performing arts high school four years from now. Here soon in August she will be traveling to Nashville to film a show on Nashville Spotlight. This should make for a great show, and putting a lot of smiles of people`s faces. She is not a stranger to TV, she has played Felicity for two years in a row for Kosair Charities. Shaelyn has been gaining a lot of experience. She hopes to be a positive role model for others. With the attitude and drive she has, she would for sure will be a great role model. Help Shaelyn reach her goals. Shaelyn has gold record three time cmt award winner Skip Mitchelle producing her along with the best 40 year veteran musicains in Nashville playing for her listen to the new songs below. Shaelyn Has p dirk higdon Producing her music videos and needs help funding the cd and videos along with music distribution cost.. Trying to distribute in us and England
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    music acting
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