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  1. Yo flow hit my phone “@ITSDJFLOW Where my bros @itsDJReem & @AyoDJSlickMick

  2. OD. U got somethin made too? “@ITSDJFLOW My bro @NayTorious is real with the custom clothing holla at him”

  3. goodnight world. catch yall tomorrow

  4. RT @HeNNey_Highway: Transitioning from fittin in to standing out

  5. RT @PrettyEye_Jay All I got in my fridge is juice water and ciroc http://t.co/lT1dDIQi

  6. RT @fonkLaflare #IveAlwaysWantedTo smack a nigga with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  7. only watching the news cause my sister got on me the other day for not knowing whats going on in the world

  8. RT @PaddedRoom2006: i feel bad for Twyn thats a hell of a way to lose smdh

  9. My grandfather is a very important man in the history of Baltimore and Philadelphia

  10. whats the movies in the city tonight?

  11. Madden or COD. ps3 online. bout to get on one of them....who wit it?

  12. that it is RT @ITSDJFLOW: all on hakeem RT @IamCieraNicole: I know one thing, @onlyfocused @itsdjflow n @ayodjslickmick better not Bluff lol

  13. Part one of my power moves is complete

  14. RT @itsDJReem But who remembers laser disc movies tho??? Lmao

  15. think imma go to bed early tonight

  16. my neighbor rang my door bell and i thought it was @ITSDJFLOW bout to get cursed out

  17. RT @ITSDJFLOW: RT @RUN_MSU: Poet.? Sing.? Auditions Being Held Nov. 9th For @SMOOTHMSU's S.M.O.OT.H. Cafe. Interested,

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