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    just looking for a shot.
  1. fuck bein famous i jus wanna b rich!

  2. ok if u referrin 2 yoself as a "bad bitch" im not gon call u by yo name im gon call u bitch! dnt like den STP CALLIN YOSELF BITCH!! #stupid

  3. cnt wait till she get here!! im sooo bored...we gon have fun 2nite!

  4. Man dis gurl on my tl b always tlkin bout havin sex! Like bitch a dog cnt even get dat fuckin horny! Go get u sum double A batteries n stfu!

  5. im a dude hes a dude shes a dude we're all dudes hey!!! love dat movie!!

  6. y cnt i remember wut my dream was about dis mornin!??

  7. but if u a stuck up ass "i dnt wanna b his cookin gurl" BITCH! den guess u gotta learn 2 get cheated on!

  8. wow @ladygaga is da most followed on twitter...but she da only ONE dat wears crazy shit..

  9. ummm....so its 3:36am n im up bored.....lol

  10. ok heres a 20 get da fuck out my face! only reply i give dem posers!

  11. Detroit rappers on da rise! dnt believe me! den dnt holla wen u find out u should of went our way!!

  12. how old r u!? n daaamn u got 4 kids!! damn gurl #Greyhound dnt got shit on u! lol

  13. since coffee is made up of jus beans n water......dnt dat make it a vegetable??

  14. lol minaj got more followers den wayne..by double lmao

  15. Gone Till November on repeat! Wyclef Jean is dope as fuck!!

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