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  1. somebody,anybody get me in studio ASAP orelse ill bomb the wrld(gt a nuclear bmb)

  2. u wonder why a nigga aint signed wid dis gud music!i gotta mke it- http://t.co/h4k1v1fd

  3. eminem is emazing!!dats a fact

  4. music for mature and grown folks by me!!http://twitrax.com/s/z68g8y

  5. #NP Sir Cossy feat Deejay Face - Hate me not via #twitraxtuesday http://t.co/h4k1v1fd

  6. can ya'll check out music from South Africa,gimme feed back#@sircossy on twitter#here is the link http://twitrax.com/s/z68g8y

  7. after the perfomance last nite..Ive been up inspired to write ill.Hitin d stu l8a.Lv yall

  8. it takes a real women to make me love #thats so ova rated#

  9. My ballz aint swollen,i js grew smthng under!!

  10. i gotta get signed-http://twitrax.com/s/z68g8y

  11. ya'll needs to check out my joint http://twitrax.com/s/z68g8y im in south africa;email add -sircossy8@gmail.com

  12. can yall check out my single,im in south africa- http://t.co/h4k1v1fd

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