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  1. Happy Halloween...rock on...1 time for Jimmy Hendrix http://t.co/6L7CjelL

  2. Finna hop on TinyChat with my brother @ThaRealLilChris

  3. who knows where i can get a iphone 4s in fort worth , dallas, arlington, or burlington in this weekend ?

  4. RT If you want The Rangers to pull it off! TX Stand up

  5. "She Light up a room, no Edison"

  6. finna knock out a verse for the bro @IHave_AFuTure

  7. Just did an amazing record entitled "Music is My Religion" and sent it off to @gezinbeatshse for it to be mixed down.... dropping it in Nov!

  8. "Dim The Lights I'm Going In!" back to in-home recording I love this!

  9. Man This Dope! Hope all yall rocking with me! tweet me @yunghitz