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  1. (Bars+Beats) Wais P/Curt@!n$/Nickelus/Maffew Rag \"The Pymphony\": Shout outs to @ClockworkMusic! New joint DJ... http://t.co/FQ6GZD5m

  2. "It Was Written" & "Stillmatic", ILLmatic for sentimental value tho! RT @XXLStaff: What's your favorite Nas album?

  3. #BRAINFOOD: 10/28 #OCCUPYHARLEM We stand in solidarity with Occupiers of Wall Street! - call to Blacks, Latinos,... http://t.co/SgRiDJUt

  4. RT @TeLisaD Diet GRIND = Diet SHINE!!! Stop half stepping!

  5. #BRAINFOOD: Don't hate the player or the game, if the game doesn't suit you, then change it, or make a new one.

  6. Ha... This is a man's world indeed, but WOMEN make the world go round'. Yup, we are #TheBWord ... #BOSSES!!!

  7. I'm the chick rapping @therealstylesp lyrics w/the knife in "Legal Money" video Directed by @restlessfilms http://t.co/UTTMvLcW

  8. The quickest way to lose twitter followers is to send out that auto response DM (thx for the follow, hit my facebook blah blah) #iHateThat

  9. #TheBWord for today is #BOND as in "word is bond"... The only thing that you can give that you are also expected to keep is your WORD!

  10. Submit your music to #TheBWord >> thebwordradioshow@gmail.com (clean or dirty) MP3's ONLY ... I like it dirty! >> http://t.co/SwpplNHF

  11. You will never hear a chess master bragging about future moves, he just makes moves. Nothing needs to be said except for #Checkmate

  12. [bRAIN FOOD] Shout outs to PBS! 5 part series on Women, War & Peace | PBS is such a beautifully curated series!... http://t.co/M3FGn0LY

  13. [bEAUTIFY] I’ll be @ the #Beauty411 Twitter Party w/ @shespeaksup – Oct.27th, 8:30pm ET! RSVP: http://t.co/zFLjzwys