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  1. Hungry..bout 2 go find sumn..

  2. Check this video out -- Ying Yang Twins ft. Big Gipp & Manish Man - By Myself http://t.co/adUucw3a via @youtube

  3. That Awkward Moment when the house phone rings and u wish it stops bcuz u know its not for u

  4. It’s easier to see someone else’s imperfections then it is to see your own

  5. finished 1 beat ..4 more to go before i leave..

  6. I would luv 2 find out "WaffleHouse" secret formula for that batter .. #Thinking

  7. Gon wrk on these beats tonight..

  8. Check this video out -- Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: Confession http://t.co/P9lStjUR via @youtube

  9. Stressing is not my style. I was raised to say f**k you, with a high class smile


  11. Im bout to go in on some more beats soon..

  12. Bought both #BF3 and #MW3 so I don't have to debate ..

  13. If you gotta ask yourself 3 times before making a decision, the answer is "NO"

  14. #ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY These are some bad ass chirn .. (you mean Children)

  15. My homeboy trippin ..cuz he's an alcoholic ..know it's a name for it ,but I dont know what to call it

  16. Still haven't seen "Paranormal Activity 3" yet ..soon tho..

  17. We PreGame Harder Than You Party..

  18. What ur heart beating for ...u scaredddd...

  19. dat nigga Webbie crazy ..that nigga say gon beat Terrance J azz ..lol

  20. my cable box is actin up ..smh..

  21. #LiesPeopleAlwaysTell I got cha back..till sh*t goes down you're no-where to be found

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