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Status Updates posted by LiyahMoni

  1. Good Morning My Tweeting Hearts.")

  2. At work I got complimented twice back to back. One lady said I should consider modeling & another said I was beautiful :)

  3. If people like my first mixtape. Wait until Harley Quinn drops!

  4. Home with a headache.

  5. Morning. Only got an hour and some minutes of sleep. Smh but I'm not grumpy so yay!

  6. Laptop cut off right when I was burning this cd. "/

  7. I count blessing like shooting stars. -LiyahMoni

  8. My mom needs to hurry.

  9. This chicken sandwich got my mouth on Hell.

  10. Ctfu; everybody on the field playing soccer with no balls. These girls some freaks.

  11. I'm tired. I guess I'll turn this in tmrw

  12. I swear I'm a little slow. When ppl be talking to me I never be getting it lol

  13. Man back is killing me I need a rub down

  14. Watching Coach Carter.

  15. My family is crazy. Lol

  16. Just smashed on some breakfast. About to head to capital to take this ACT.

  17. Take Some Time Out & Listen To My Mixtape. http://t.co/R1VFRErB

  18. So I can't find my song of Solomon book "/ why man why!!!!?? Lol serious though