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  1. Good Morning My Tweeting Hearts.")

  2. At work I got complimented twice back to back. One lady said I should consider modeling & another said I was beautiful :)

  3. If people like my first mixtape. Wait until Harley Quinn drops!

  4. Home with a headache.

  5. Morning. Only got an hour and some minutes of sleep. Smh but I'm not grumpy so yay!

  6. Laptop cut off right when I was burning this cd. "/

  7. I count blessing like shooting stars. -LiyahMoni

  8. My mom needs to hurry.

  9. This chicken sandwich got my mouth on Hell.

  10. Ctfu; everybody on the field playing soccer with no balls. These girls some freaks.

  11. I'm tired. I guess I'll turn this in tmrw