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  1. Bitches wear hate like an outfit

  2. So different !! (Skeeno voice)

  3. Back to the grill again

  4. RT @GS400 RT @H_MENACE @GS400 LoL !!!!' @ Ms. Reachinthol for real..like a Lil sibling lol #Boom

  5. Me too !! With ya black asses !! RT @SpartanUniv To the ppl who claim base god I hate yall niggaz!!!

  6. I think i be eating #OOMF out of house and home

  7. These niggas hustling backwards

  8. #OOMF walk 4 blocks to go get the magnums, came back and still hit the pussy raw smh

  9. I said bitch i might be

  10. Lies On Lies On Lies

  11. Cust  RT@MILLZ40 Nights like this!