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  1. "The Young & The Guestlist" http://t.co/IyloA8AK Get On It For No Cover for Tomorrow @ Bodi!

  2. Bout to eat this Choco Taco

  3. Tonight catch me @ the Packhouse! ===> http://t.co/YTrFcN8g

  4. Bodi RSVP....Get on it early and guarantee your spot! ===> http://t.co/IyloA8AK

  5. Headed home to cook! Japanese tonight. U can't beat it.

  6. Just sent off some more revisions for #WEOWNTHENIGHT. 10,000 Flyers coming soon. And it's just the beginning! http://t.co/k5KKM55Y

  7. Bodi this Thursday! Wale live last week was crazy!

  8. I have the hardest time trying to fall asleep every night.

  9. Hosted By NC State's Own & National TV Talk Show Host @Korn4! http://t.co/k5KKM55Y

  10. Phone full of contacts, yet I only talk to a few.

  11. Get @ me on instagram ppl! ===> bobbydrakethedj http://t.co/FJeBRE9D

  12. Wowwww I got the ill crack in my windshield...............

  13. We still gonna rock tho!

  14. Hey @BRINTCITYNC @Timnc7 @MelvinXDerek @NemonMarcus you better tell em the move is CARMENS tonight!!!

  15. What's the move tonight you ask? Well just know that #CARMENS is the answer!

  16. Ladies your just $5 till 11:30 tonight @ Carmens! See u there! RT

  17. #np The Dream - February Love

  18. Heard @DAWIZology had a dope house party! U bout to take my job son!

  19. Some of y'all just be sitting down, trifling.

  20. take that. take that. take that.

  21. Make an "Im busy" note for Nov. 18th on your calendar RIGHT NOW.

  22. Night everybody. Thanks for coming out!