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  1. #OFF of Work.....Shit Stressed Me OUT ....Need to get #HIGH ASAP!

  2. #HighAsShit Goin To Sleep GoodNite......

  3. Dwn SouthWest Wit My Ummie......

  4. I gave her money to go to Mc'Donalds.. I told her I just want sum nuggets.. Y the fuck she bring back the 50 box.. She's a Asshole lol#smh

  5. Tell em haters stay clear of all this real shit we doing over here!!!#NewOne

  6. on the phone with the #ex

  7. Zanes Wit The Lean..In about 6 Speakers! #RainCntStopMe! lol

  8. Video Cummin Real Soon For The #SOMAJOR Videoooo!

  9. If U Still Havin HouseParties #KillYaSelf !

  10. AYO @Ripley_SoMajor So Major by SpazzRipley - Uploaded by: ShiceMulah ???? ??? - @1500ShiceMulah: http://t.co/07R7whJZ via @AddThis

  11. So Major by SpazzRipley - Uploaded by: ShiceMulah ???? ??? - @1500ShiceMulah: http://bit.ly/sYEV2u via @AddThis

  12. Omw Dwn West wit @Ripley_SoMajor ...Let Him Go HAM!!

  13. Im Done Wit @InkredibleLuck_ Untill I Get My tHoughts rite #ctfu

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