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  1. Bitches lame... niggas lame-er.

  2. Gravity still applies.... to you.

  3. "I got a crack in my cup...." - oh yeah http://t.co/KTZKmFF2

  4. SHE SMASHED THE HOMIE!!!! *look atcho shoes* AHHHHHH!!!! -@SomeThingElse92

  5. Can't date me baby cuz you'll hate me baby...

  6. Just realized @LOlike2letters one of them ppl you gotta see, tell her you gone txt her, tweet her, then txt her or .....no response

  7. I gotta testify.... come up in the spot lookin extra fly...'fore the day I die... ima touch the sky...

  8. Happy C^ day to the OOOG Snoop Doggy Dogg... bustas don't get outta line on this groovy day...

  9. I just want somebody to call all mine.....

  10. Dreams money can buy >

  11. I guess its my turn...

  12. It's cool tho ... it ain't shit to dawg me one...

  13. GIRRRLLLLL YOU MAKE ME WANNA JUST " l d; kl;s;dlkals;k alkw jkjnda eipuhsd "

  14. Let's get some money...

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