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  1. Danielle gone kill herself in that bathroom wit that spray. Lmfao.!

  2. Are you serious about weight loss? Read this article ASAP! http://t.co/wkvJS8xB

  3. 5:15 ~____~ Goodnight!

  4. #oomf always in twitter jail. Lmao.

  5. Lol! Okay lil chicken head. @QuoteMe_DLK

  6. Goodnight twitter ~_~ :)

  7. "Got my Ray Bans on and I'm feelin hella cool tonight. Yeeeaah."

  8. She told me to say it. lol. Naw, I'm playin.

  9. I need these 3-5 days to go by super fast.

  10. 

  11. I'm out. ~_______~ Goodnight.

  12. Whatever na @MealsOnWheels_

  13. I told Danielle my food would be done by 8. We were suppose to be goin to the rec.

  14. off of me. I think it was a ghost.

  15. Couldn't even go to sleep for a #klondikebar right now.

  16. "Don't quote me boi cause I aint said sht"

  17. That was a whack nap.

  18. heyyyy girl. Iku not in class tweetin.? @BTCimFinnaSpazz

  19. Man I'm out. Mixed emotions. Class at 11. -_- Goodnight ~____~