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  1. it's my friday! (@ Baylor Southwest Fort Worth) http://t.co/gHETf9G

  2. Ha! cheer up nigga... stop bein a Debbie Downer RT @mrfortworth: Ha...seems dat way..its all gravyee..ill remain a hermit

  3. i'm hereeeeeee (@ Spencer's Corner) http://t.co/UHtQWvM

  4. #NowWatching CET (Coon Entertainment Television) Jungle Music Awards....

  5. iiiiiii donttttt wanttttt toooo be a minute mannnnnn

  6. Nelson Cruz too beasty.

  7. 1 down, 2 to go... (@ Kame's House.) http://t.co/Pbs4zs9

  8. so bitch! RT @Oh_My_Gosherr I kinda miss this guy -->@TheBlackPaulyD

  9. droppin madre off... (@ TRE Richland Hills Station) http://t.co/aDSftNx

  10. hopefully i get #Cleo back tomorrow... i miss that bad bitch!

  11. take that monkey shit off... you embarressing us!

  12. I'm at Kame's House. (Fort Worth, TX) http://t.co/39C57Ld