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  1. Comin 2 a club near u real soon. #BelieveDat

  2. Let @IAM_BANKROLL kno how u feel bout his song Tha Freeze Blog: *NEW* HUN DUN - (Bankroll x YG Coolie) http://t.co/38s6HZER

  3. Soon im goin to be apart of da #MMI fam wit @BOOMMAN_MMI. We #Boomin

  4. really considering charging for dj drops but if u a artist and need drops email me at djfreeze843@gmail.com with ur stript

  5. I gon lie i wanna work wit @BOOMMAN_MMI and join da #MMI Fam.

  6. im shocked dat worldstar aint hop on dis amber cole video yet

  7. dis #Ambercole shit is gettin mad old so im bout to log off

  8. Mane @souljaboy jus shouted me out on ustream. #FreezeWorld

  9. Dirty Dave ft Slycka Slyck, Lil Ru & Gucci Mane- Fast Lane MUSIC VIDEO http://t.co/gGOASJ8F

  10. Had a long day workin on dis new mix. still not dun but its gettin there. got sum finishin touches to do and it will be droppin next week

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