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  1. twentyfive on the line them niggas dropping dimes...

  2. I’m heading to some money

  3. Heat got to get it tonight!

  4. ‎1-21-2012 The wait is over the real is back! #HHE

  5. Np- who da kid- duck tape

  6. 55 to 20 this game over smh

  7. When its cold like this you want catch me out no where

  8. First i put ha on my team then i put ha in rotation

  9. Yola-aint gon let up mixed with baby boy instrumental #mixsession

  10. Sometime i have them thoughts like im too real for this s#*!

  11. Rich nigga getin private dances in public..

  12. To many ppl have my # but aint nobody talking business. Now I gotta go crash my number. Nigga I aint friendly!!

  13. i take a week off, miss #NOTHIN. a month off, miss #NOTHIN ..... shit too #EASY.

  14. Police just walked in the club O_o

  15. He who does not feel me is not real to me Therefore he doesn't exist So poof...vamoose, son of a bitch

  16. I'll be home for the holidays So when you see me, better holla at me I gotta get up put this city 'fore it try to trap me...

  17. This homemade wine with my uncles

  18. Lol at my Lil cuz throwing them cars at my uncle face!

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