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  1. twentyfive on the line them niggas dropping dimes...

  2. I’m heading to some money

  3. Heat got to get it tonight!

  4. ‎1-21-2012 The wait is over the real is back! #HHE

  5. Np- who da kid- duck tape

  6. 55 to 20 this game over smh

  7. When its cold like this you want catch me out no where

  8. First i put ha on my team then i put ha in rotation

  9. Yola-aint gon let up mixed with baby boy instrumental #mixsession

  10. Sometime i have them thoughts like im too real for this s#*!

  11. Rich nigga getin private dances in public..

  12. To many ppl have my # but aint nobody talking business. Now I gotta go crash my number. Nigga I aint friendly!!

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