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  1. watch it here : Coldplay ft Rihanna Once Upon A Time In Some Other World Somebody Had A Wedding, (Safe?) Fasten Their Hand, I Got To Go/On Pots Of Gold I Got To Go Once Upon A Time We Fell Apart You Hold Me In Your Hand (…) I Saved My Heart, Ohohow Ohowow Once Upon A Time, Remember That All We Ever Seem To Do Is Fight, Ohohow And On And On And On Once Upon A Time On The Same Side Once Upon A Time On The Same Side And Singin’ Now What You Have To Do, Have To Do To (…) Number One Thing? You Could Have Been The Princess, I’d Be A King lyrics
  2. watch video : Talib Kweli lyrics: No matter what the obstacle is we fight ... ..a battle we won't lose .. I lay my hand to you, whenever you need me, I stay! I promise that some time the world is tight glided But I complain, so much the game, we fly at it Determination, dedication to the in I'm... every step of the way until we win! I don't need the... God Almighty Get them... send 'em to the highest! We can beta it, overcome the low We are... we believe in it, it shows! I spread ... we're never by ourselves Once upon a time, once out for the calls I bet it for the world, I bet it for myself! Chorus: Don't run away form who you are Life is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Life is beautiful! Pick yourself back on love Life is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Life is beautiful!... more on: Beautiful lyrics
  3. … the perfect … girl I had it planned all Till I see you … know that he… is Never speak about him always keeping secrets Steady, steady keeping secrets Now paint this picture But if you see me out with this girl Spending my time with this girl Take my bread out on this girl Now paint this picture But if you see me in her house … in the house, Playing house, house, house So, don’t be embarrassed you just start off the show You brought this on yourself, I’ma let you now You the one I had to do it all on alone, all on alone You told me it’s beginning with Girl you got me gone, gone Until you became somebody else lover X 4... from:U GOT ME GONE LYRICS
  4. She wasn’t supposed to find out about our love affair The plan was not for her to walk right in on both of us I didn’t had plans for things to go down like this that’s my words I swear I’d take it back fi I could, to keep from hurting her How could I be so stupid, uh to think that I could bring Somebody in our home In the way we sleeping around, without you finding out If I don’t get another chance girl I understand because [Chorus] I send you off to be with her But you made a U turn, you made a U turn I thought you would be gone for a while But you made a U turn, you made a U turn She slipped through the back door Checked out the window, Then got in bed with her... U Turn Lyrics
  5. …bring the forks out, Montana …Smith with the …out Swiss cheese on him, all Japan flag you hear red beams on him White sheets on him, it’s hell on earth God gonna help you if you help yourself first Up …only thing work force, cut the middle man out and built straight with the… I’ve been gone for a second street missing Broke with a sweat or call the … Need a fix, got that white girl, everyone New whip, white … credit a1 Speed our lock up, take one [Chorus] I just met a new connect, ain’t no stopping me, I’m the prodigy And if you try to stop me, disrespect me, My young boys, they gonna cause havoc We mob when we deep, we mob when we deep We mob when we deep, we mob when we deep We mob when we deep, we mob when we deep We mob when we deep, we mob when we deep I met this girl in new york, say she from left right … you know how it goes, Shawty kick it dough … then I bounce back cooking lyrical crack All you niggers dance … with the sheep at... ... FROM: Hell on Earth lyrics
  6. Obi Lyrics Stop, wait, let me bring you back like a... Everybody wanna know what I’m running for Skywalker, oh wait to see the starts like Live life like... like rock stages get high... Stay up like... like’s no tomorrow... Shhh! Quiet on the set! My mind reminds me of a ride on the jet! No escape from the chaos in my play Make him turn the state genius in my brain! But now I was coming to ... with this vision that I ... If you ain’t loving, then you ain’t living, It’s a giving, there’s no drinks or drugs in my system You gotta turn me up higher... ...close bitch hit it yeah ..but I’m fine when I’m living! Chorus: (x2.... ...........
  7. They Say - Lyrics …heard I was crazy, niggers ain’t want me to make my first album How come? Guess they was nervous of the outcome, get it done anyway Fuck what them people say, as we look around Nodes you ain’t with me here today My circle getting small, my legend growing bigger And I’m yet to reach my apex, go figure All of respect that I accumulated You get times that by 10 and it’s understated I had been shot down, underestimated I did seen plenty try, I’m the one that made it I ain’t related to your failure, young and I’m no looser Ice box flow, now these niggers’ just coolers Slick as the ruler, verbose be the jewelry Bout making moves, rest of y’all time foolery Ain’t nobody cue as me, ain’t nobody cool to see Y’all about … I’m all about brutacy They say they know but they don’t Say we should go but we won’t They say so much back home Let them say what they want, say what you want X 2.... ............
  8. Ayyeeeee! Chorus: Me and money go together Loved this since I first met her If you touch it I get jealous She do just what I tell her! Me and money go together Loved this since I first met her If you touch it I get jealous She do just what I tell her! Got the suckers on my side, looking might jealous .. It ain’t nothing you can tell us, your girl try to get near us You talk a lot, I can’t hear, she’s curios, and I’m serious! My money stash my girlfriend, drop by and I... Try to get money to the world and I will still face that... So get a ring and count the fellows Cause m and money go together We go in and... I love it like my favorite... Damn, money gotta... Got me out these bad whores, got me out... Me & My Money Lyrics
  9. G’d up homie from day one Zip your lips like the top of the bag at the station Hammer locked up and loaded, flying in the European Smoking in the passenger, trying to make a call, Just trying to make my call Lickering pretty women, and this verse is so deep That the city could swim in it, swim nigger Red eyes, no chlorine, yeah, bullets of smoke, Let’s let it all steam, let it all steam I like the vent, like central air Pop shit to the ghost, I change your dental ware Gum butter make you sip soup Yeah while … the king from the sick roof Get it popping like dandy green Got a bunch of pretty chicks with the pistols by panty seens Day One Lyrics
  10. Yeah, so I’m calling ... And I know, girl I know, I’m the best that you ever had! To the left is your key to my back-side of the door, Couldn’t believe I held on, When I really should have let it go oh, oh! I can’t keep acting this way Just going in circles Thinking that you’re gonna change over night It just ain’t right Round and round All night, all night! Can’t nobody do it better? Who can get... Who can make it scream out louder? Tell me you can beat it up, You know how I eat it up Girl I just can’t get enough more are to be found on website : My link
  11. Eve Jihan Jeffers is an Grammy Award-winning American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actress. Her first three albums have reached a total of over 8 million albums sold worldwide. She has also achieved success in fashion as she started a clothing line titled "Fetish." She ranked number 46 on VH1's "50 Greatest Women Of The Video Era" show list. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Terri Jones in the films Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back in Business, and as Shelley Williams on the UPN television sitcom Eve. from: My link
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