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  1. Live song. I can't wait for more money from Young Jeezy
  2. I left all my food in houston at blade hise and was too lazy to go back and get it ...I know they throwin dine on that shit

  3. Who wanna drive my car back to the ville for me ...I just feel like ridin passenger

  4. Thank God for life ...and everybody around me this morning

  5. That new Kirko video was live ...I saw you in there @misstyraANN_

  6. Just randomly seen my nigga @_alwaysAmazing ...crewless

  7. On the way to the hise ...boring ass huntsville

  8. Change ... everything changes ... that's all apart of growing up ...long as when you change you change for the better

  9. No more Peach Ciroc in huntsville...

  10. Loud #session on some #FREEBRYSO type shit after my twelve fifty class ...g's only

  11. This nigga @kashgardenlack over here gettin his ass busted in this madden ...take that L

  12. We live in a world full of niggas hatin, and bitches in competition..

  13. LISTEN TO THIS #SHSU ...@slimthugga ft @AyeJayWins (DOWNLOAD) hulkshare.com/uqme4p0xi3gx

  14. I'm tryna tell you I'm the one ...come holla at me

  15. Its 7:30 in the morning and its still goin dine ...good morning

  16. Why does it feel so dam late ...and its only 8:13

  17. First and foremost ...I need to get my life together cuz right now shit aint all good..

  18. It's this girl in my writing for mass media class that looks just like @_OoooLala_ ...I found your twin

  19. And why hasn't @AyeJayWins been signed yet?

  20. Fuck what a hater is sayin man ...I never care..

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