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    An atlanta native and entrepreneur with over 14 years of eclectic experience in various industries.
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    Music connoisseur,reading,writing,playing chess, film,clients,etc.tc.
  1. It's a nice track! #salute #oneent #Mrs.#1
  2. At least he doesn't sound like everyone else! #oneent #Mrs.#1
  3. I think this was one of his better interviews. Answers were thought out more, still he usually BS'ing somewhat but overall better.
  4. I'm glad to hear something new from her! I like this one! #salute #oneent #Mrs.#1
  5. TI and Jeremiah makes this song Fire! It's just that simple!
  6. This guy is the total package! Good interview! #salute #oneent #Mrs.#1
  7. This just solidifies my feelings towards this cat. He is simply a Straight Ass! I have no love for 50 cent!
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