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  1. i like how this shit here did not take 4 minutes to catch my attention! im playing this! you have a new supporter. 1000%
  2. all right bro! i see ya Marc D. this hoe jump like the backs of these bishes lol
  3. this hoe jam!!!! please give me the instrumental!!! billy.amen89@gmail.com
  4. yeah!!!!!! this song too LIVE!!!!! ay if possible, please and i mean PLEASE send me that instrumental... billy,amen89@gmail.com
  5. Im thinkin bout donatin 10+ hours to @danewkid studio up north for serious musicians... What do you think?

  6. So... Thats my problem? Lol rt @Lady_TP3: @ILLBILL_THA_DJ lol we can't drive but we want food

  7. Rt @Gotyalookn: it a party it's a party its a party! tomorrow @BestOfEmMal throwing it the Dj is none other then @ILLBILL_THA_DJ will yo ...

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