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  1. wow! I'm feelin this one
  2. Ludacris ft Ray J - Celebration [1st Single]

    Awww yea!! Luda straight murda's this track
  3. Travis Porter - Make It Rain

    I'm lovin this!! These both go hard
  4. GOD Damn! Dis a banger right here!!
  5. Bob Marley vs DAvid Guetta - Marely Lights

    Thats sick bro! Good lookin out
  6. Lil' Jon Ft. Travis Porter - Fall Out

    This track is sweet. Lil jon makes it CRUNK!
  7. Nicki Minaj - Your Love

    thats some hot ish
  8. Dude.. this track is amazing! Eminem is hittin a home run with this new album
  9. Usher Ft. Nikki Minaj - Lil' Freak

    Hot track!! i like it
  10. Dem Get Away Boyz - Get Up (Produced by Kane)

    Wow, this is gonna b big!