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  1. Damn, the falcons traded all those picks for Julio Jones too! Too bad, so sad...GO GIANTS #NYG

  2. 30 minutes boys. Let's do this! #NYG

  3. “@D_RatherUnique: Up ready for this inventory in Norwich hour n sum change of sleep”don't mess them counts up! Your store next week

  4. Work time. Let the hoodrats and dumb niggas be themselves

  5. And my Bulls are beating them!!!! RT @ItsStaci: Orlando magic!

  6. The Hawks are a bunch of dumb niggas playin' basketball

  7. Niggas love to not know. What's the capitol of Zaire? I don't know that shit! Keepin' it real. Niggas love to keep it real...real dumb!

  8. Put on them winter hats y'all. It's no joke out there

  9. Too big, too strong, too fast for you! D.Rose! #Bulls

  10. Sugar Bowl, Bulls game, with the fireplace kickin' on this cold ass night! #TheLife

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