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  1. Yes suhhh this is it!!! Str8 FIREEE!!!
  2. SSMusicCorp. presents Sean Soul *



    The Hip Soul sound is a reflection of the culture of Mississippi Soul and Blues blended with Hip-Hop. Sean Soul embodies all that makes up these genres. Below you will find links to his Spotify Artist Page as well as the press release through AVA Live Radio for his track "Back Turn." We humbly request that you add a track of your choice to your playlist. 


    Here’s an artist I want to share with you… Sean Soul 






  3. Another banger from Future. DOPE!!
  4. Dope track. Big Sean with another hit
  5. Chitown all day. Old school beat with new school lyrics fire
  6. If your following me and never heard my music. I'm sending you a personal invite to check me and leave some feedback
    The link to my single is in my bio. Feedback welcomed. #LinkUp 


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