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  1. Hot song! I did a wedding this past Saturday and the turn up was real I had to work the song in a few times.
  2. DJDirtyLuv07@Gmail.com
  3. Who knew about Nacho Flavored shampoo...only in Florida

  4. I like this will be great at the strip clubs. it will do ok for the Radio. Great to see him on the town this past weekend!
  5. As much as he is continuing to grow as artist, it sounds like he is getting back to being JT...
  6. this one was interesting. Not a bad flow at all..still kept to the original to keep the older listeners a chance to like it like they did the first time they heard it.
  7. it's cool not the best i've heard but it will do.
  8. DJ Dirty Luv requesting this promo pack, djdirtyluv07@gmail.com
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