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  1. I wish after all that you would include intro versions for most of these joints.
  2. I can still rap the entire Keenan and Kel theme song. Coolio laid it down.

  3. Air checks: the scariest thing I have heard in months

  4. Quit complaining and wishing things would happen. Get out there and make it happen; #NutUpOrShutUp

  5. I miss being able to yell "G-UNIT" in any situation and have it be socially relevant.

  6. The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence.

  7. My hats aren't the only thing I leave whenever I leave your arms....

  8. Welp. Time to learn how to run a morning show.

  9. Spike it with 2 seconds left? Christ, Bill Stewart had better clock control then that.

  10. Some of these djs. I will give you my set list; you still couldn't do it as well as me.

  11. Motto for 2012: If it doesn't feed me, give me a job, or help me buy bottles for my team, then I want nothing to do with it.

  12. I just woke up and it's dark again. Fuck this noise.

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