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  1. 11.11.11 .. #Obsessions FRIDAY! Ladies $1 ALL NIGHT!! GIrls RUN the WORLD! #WIshENT yfrog.com/o0icbbjpoj

  2. Just said goodbye to one of my homies the other week and now my grand dad.

  3. 11.11.11 .. #Obsessions FRIDAY Ladies $1 ALL NIGHT!! GIrls RUN the WORLD! #WIshENT yfrog.com/o0icbbjpoj

  4. Damn this weekend bout to be real TSU homecoming and we play Auburn.

  5. 11.11.11 ... this FRIDAY at #OBSESSIONS we got the #IMMORTALS .. (Kappas . Ques . Sigmas . Alphas) ! #WishENT http://t.co/Gqm2vy8E

  6. Damn it's only 7 something.

  7. “@70sluvchild: Monday can't come quick enuff.”;4, Y y hhhhhhhh h

  8. Good thing about tonight it's day lights savings time.

  9. If your looking for a move downtown I'm DJing at #Lit (The Old Bailey's) for #ThatsMyJAM!!!

  10. Like last night at #BLACKOUT ima have #ThatsMyJAM on smash tonight!!!!!

  11. Tonight was crazy we still at it!!!!!!

  12. I got on my SQUAD shirt s/o to SHS!!!!!

  13. #UGAHOMECOMING2K11 it's on you know what time it is #BLACKOUTPART3!!!!!!!

  14. RT @gotstyles this FRIDAY we goin LIVE wit VH1 at #OBSESSIONS! BRICKSQUAD TAKEOVER ... #WishENT http://t.co/I5Mr22Wb

  15. New Earth Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Glad I only got a couple of months in school left then I'm done forever.

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