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  1. If you don't have it yet, DL my latest mixtape "Caviar Dreams" (Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar) n let me know... http://t.co/m3xWuhIh

  2. Last night was one of the craziest nights ever

  3. UVA 2moro, ECU on Saturday...gonna be an #epic wknd

  4. RT @Mo_Mahniiiii Im sippin on whatever I get handed . No questions asked. The mission is to get fucked up. >> #SWAG

  5. RT @PeffyJayne Used to like to rap when I did it for free but now I love this shit because this shit pays me...@KillaJGetItPopn

  6. Firehouse has a digital drink machine...the future is here http://t.co/rdUg7kkb

  7. #CaviarDreams started a movement so let's keep it moving!!!!

  8. 7 months ago i said "They sleepin on me so it's time to wake em up"...and looking at where i am now shows that hard work does pay off

  9. Killa J - Caviar Dreams (Hosted by DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar) http://t.co/Okyjibes via @HotNewHipHop RT!

  10. "Caviar Dreams" 1st week stats - +16,423 Views, +3,901 Downloads

  11. Which artists would you like to hear on a Killa J track for the next project?

  12. Support good music and tell a friend to tell a friend to listen to #CaviarDreams, they wont be disappointed

  13. Been celebrating since the mixtape dropped Tuesday, my liver needs a break asap lol

  14. RT @lexcham9 "It's Saturday and I'm proud to say hell nah we ain't soberrrrr" - @KillaJGetItPopn

  15. Went ham downtown last night haha, now it's time to tailgate

  16. I'm alot of ppl's favorite rapper now...that's crazy, but i can't say i didn't know it was gonna happen

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