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Status Updates posted by djrichierich10

  1. Shout Out Spoiled Lil Sister She Finna Get Paid Its Her B-DAy .@cyrenelovette

  2. I got the feeling that #2omf wont be together long... its too much goin overboard for one to handle..

  3. Morning word god please bless me on thi day

  4. I wish Kstate would stop tweeting

  5. s/o to the greatest assistant that anybody can have. she puts in hard work for me all the time. #nodaysoff follow @baskinrobynne

  6. i need @amberaisha she really helps me think. and right now my mind is not working.

  7. I am from Nashville So i got no other choice but to make it >> This My City You other djs watch out

  8. Man I feel So Much Love Thats What up yal

  9. We Pre-Gaming Being 4 Radio Show ....lol

  10. Shout Out @RoscoeDash Follow Him He 2 Cool Just Left Wtst The Blaze @Tsu_Radio now headed to 1011 beat jams u heard it 1st here

  11. No Matter What I Will Make It

  12. I'm on this move n no1 will stop me

  13. RT "@KissMi_jASS: @Djrichierich10 & dj True star are the OFFICIAL DJ's For Tennessee State University Homecoming 2k11 #BelieveDat"

  14. She bet not have this baby b4 I get there

  15. Headed to radio station

  16. i cant even step that low to play twitter sub tweet tag