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  1. Tequila City College Reunion Black Friday party tonight !

  2. Go follow @Ballinbooks & @phathead10 to get discount on school books and they buy them back get there ASAP.

  3. “@Shannontheboss: so im mad as fuck cuz i cant find my fucking phone -_-” find dat shit

  4. i have never been this long with out seeing @BaskinRobynne i think im having a with draw

  5. Stilling moving stuff in apartment

  6. Yal member back in high school when u played a aau sport year round

  7. actions will speak louder than words

  8. “@PEARLLION: @Djrichierich10 I'm got something comin up on da 29th bt we can link up when u get time” let's go

  9. “@BeEzzy91: Sex would be perfect this morning #ijs” I agree

  10. Some body Finna get shot

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