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  1. robbin turned into murder 1...murder 1 made it look like its robbery

  2. I hate dis fuckin house I stamp i cant wait to move out smh

  3. S/O to @September6th___ its her BIRTHDAY!!!!! FOLLOW HER DOEEEE

  4. Nas told niggas they was shootin and they looked..niggas lyin bout bangin gettin whooped on facebook..

  5. bouta play madden 12 if u tryna see me online for PS3 hit me up "RealDomoMusic"

  6. Ima jus take a break from this music my writers block messed up

  7. Smh can't finish the single 2 more verses but I got writers block

  8. The only person who beat in madden so far is carrington but that nigga cheated

  9. and I got Freestyles droppin like 30 of em lls so ima drop them on october 1st

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