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  1. If you want to make a great investment, be sure to order #dopestShitEver. http://t.co/1cpXSXi

  2. RT @VirDiKO: New Music: Lil Ray ft. Chamillionaire - "WARREN BUFFET" (click) bit.ly/r2VFBv @itsLilRaypeople @therealdjklee @Xxlintern

  3. TV churchRT @MichaelBlackson: I'm lookin 4 a church that only collects one offering n they will not ask first time visitors to stand up

  4. You're welcome. You and @therealdjklee are fam so I need to remember these things now. @djkleewifey: QiqueFuego Thank You !!

  5. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/Pey0uVB My Camaro - Qique Fuego ft. Lil Ray

  6. If you have nice beats, send them to sendepicbeats@gmail.com

  7. My eyes duplicate what they seeRT @Mertaloba: @QiqueFuego On the contrary. It's whenever I look into your eyes that I see the most beauty.

  8. I'm going to release 10 classic mixtapes. "Help on the Way" Vol. 10. coming soon. Vol. 9 to follow

  9. thanks for the love. we will be dropping another hot single later this month thru GH!
  10. If you are hungry and your stomach is touching your back, close your mouth, hold your nose and breathe. That should fix it

  11. Same here. RT @MixxMobb: Niggas want the bitches and the Fame........ Shit I just want to live......

  12. & im through looknRT @DJEDUB1: Girl you know you really set it off? Been all around the world...I aint seen a girl as bad as you thus far...

  13. For you racist individuals, black chips are worth 100x more than white ones.

  14. Finally going home tonight.

  15. HahaRT @MichaelBlackson: I was not a member of black street so stop it please

  16. Dropbox me that clean single family lol. Them niccas already our loot so we need to act fast my bro-tha lol. @therealdjklee

  17. That'll make anyone wise up. Freeway/alley living is no good http://t.co/5XlVYhR

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