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  1. If you want to make a great investment, be sure to order #dopestShitEver. http://t.co/1cpXSXi

  2. RT @VirDiKO: New Music: Lil Ray ft. Chamillionaire - "WARREN BUFFET" (click) bit.ly/r2VFBv @itsLilRaypeople @therealdjklee @Xxlintern

  3. TV churchRT @MichaelBlackson: I'm lookin 4 a church that only collects one offering n they will not ask first time visitors to stand up

  4. You're welcome. You and @therealdjklee are fam so I need to remember these things now. @djkleewifey: QiqueFuego Thank You !!

  5. I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/Pey0uVB My Camaro - Qique Fuego ft. Lil Ray

  6. If you have nice beats, send them to sendepicbeats@gmail.com

  7. My eyes duplicate what they seeRT @Mertaloba: @QiqueFuego On the contrary. It's whenever I look into your eyes that I see the most beauty.

  8. I'm going to release 10 classic mixtapes. "Help on the Way" Vol. 10. coming soon. Vol. 9 to follow

  9. If you are hungry and your stomach is touching your back, close your mouth, hold your nose and breathe. That should fix it

  10. Same here. RT @MixxMobb: Niggas want the bitches and the Fame........ Shit I just want to live......

  11. & im through looknRT @DJEDUB1: Girl you know you really set it off? Been all around the world...I aint seen a girl as bad as you thus far...

  12. For you racist individuals, black chips are worth 100x more than white ones.

  13. Finally going home tonight.

  14. HahaRT @MichaelBlackson: I was not a member of black street so stop it please

  15. Dropbox me that clean single family lol. Them niccas already our loot so we need to act fast my bro-tha lol. @therealdjklee

  16. That'll make anyone wise up. Freeway/alley living is no good http://t.co/5XlVYhR

  17. GreenHitz.com: Skillz- “Yeah So What” (Otis Freestyle) Skillz is my nig. http://t.co/suKAWoj

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