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  1. Every Tuesday at #Walnutroom... I'm performing live on my #phillyhiphop flow.... Join us!!!! No cover tell a friend pass it on

  2. IMMA SAY THIS YOUR TRUE FRIENDS IS A FULL-TIME JOB RIDE OR DIE TOGETHER. Your associates is part-time call them when u need them! #RealShit

  3. Omw to #NUMB3RSPhilly then hear my music get played by Dj FreakNasty 2night at #90degrees oh what a night!!!

  4. I'm watching #houseparty ultimate #Classic movie

  5. I'm on it's a celebration!!!!!!! Shooting a video this Saturday!!!!

  6. Here's My Line-Up of Shows.... Every Tuesday's Night at The Walnut Room.... Plus Sept. 9th at this Basketball Game & Sept. 14th at Pub Webb

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