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  1. Pickin up chris & headin to a bar! Not sure which bar & I don't care! Lol (@ Graham Heights) http://t.co/J7DYttF

  2. RT @OfficialSquirel: RT @KevinGetem: Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy. (cont) http://t.co/ErajAHg

  3. I quit yesterday... Welcome. RT @JustCallMeFran: I just...kmt. I quit

  4. Lol. I hav 2b up early! Early bird catch th worm and I don't reach where I wana yet! Nuff tings 2 do =) RT @grunggaad: @KLaLa21 Sleep babz!!

  5. Can smady plz update me on what's happening with rising star? Who's left n how dem stay?

  6. Its a shame wen sm1 is so fake that they trick themselves in2 believing they're real... =S

  7. This video is a killa!!! RT @LaciSue: Some gyal fi go learn fi cook, wash, clean and blood (bleep) tidy up (cont) http://t.co/0TNgROk

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