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  1. ay, @thafixxdotcom where can I find the Kydd? yep

  2. ay, I'm humbled to have another dj tell me he listened to me every chance he could when I was on KIIZ 92.3, yep

  3. ay, I'm in Killeen. Everybody is on bikes, 22"s or better, or a v8 something, yep

  4. ay, #afterclubtext can you take me home? yep

  5. ay, #shoutout to @Lady_Vee82, she be showing love, yep

  6. ay, I'm tired of being tagged for these damn shoes, yep

  7. ay, @iamelement and @thahustlasdj got the @931thebeat Old School Metal Lunch Box mix on deck with a red Jungle Juice, yep

  8. ay, you can listen to my @931thebeat mix by searching KQIZ in the Tune In app on android and iphone, yep

  9. ay, we get funky on @931thebeat around 12 noon. The Old School Metal Lunch Box mix is on deck. #turntup, yep

  10. ay, all people need is a leader that won't be an asshole. I can be that leader. I will do it, yep

  11. ay, new year but @931thebeat still has those classics at 12 on The Old School Metal Lunchbox mix, yep

  12. ay, man I need to stack some cash for the Rane TTM 58. I know it's coming out and it's gonna be 2 racks off top, yep

  13. ay, just saw both dudes of ZZ Top in Best Buy south, yep

  14. ay, Godzilla on Deck with the Monster Crew on http://t.co/UnFW4lAu @ 8 tonight, yep

  15. ay, just donated a tv to goodwill, yep

  16. ay, The Old School Metal Lunchbox mix on @931thebeat presented by @iamelement and @thahustlasdj is on now, yep

  17. ay, I need to get back to Cali, yep

  18. ay, chicks that smoke weed #thatsaturnoff, yep

  19. ay, I added this dude and this chick on Twitter and Facebook and all I get from them is spam about them, yep

  20. ay, Ima say it again/like said befoe/when the dirty boys drop/you betta hit the flo… remember that track? yep

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