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  1. If you missing out in caribana this year winnipeg. Don't worry we might have something sweet for you soon.

  2. Huge concert announcement coming in light of soca/reggae festival. Stay tuned for more details.

  3. Such a good weekend ahead ya'll. Proud to be a yardie in peg city. We are a small number but we do it big.

  4. I miss my Thursday live shows... Camera hunting I go.

  5. Hard to be nice to people how make it so hard to allow it.

  6. Ok folks. Question time: what's your all time favorite soca track?

  7. If love is the answer, you're home. Hold on. ~Daft Punk, Touch

  8. "One Drop"... yea that track and dance still in my head.

  9. Three events in the works. Stay tuned folks.

  10. Long night leads to longer day.

  11. Crowd coming in and dancing already. We going till 3 tonight folks. Hip-hop, dancehall, soca, top 40 all night

  12. Another weekend. Another diverse night at karma lounge. We got crazy with dancehall, hip-hop, soca, latin, african and rnb all night.

  13. DJ Dow Jones Spazz Likethedj DJ Hectic and Roman Anthony all under one roof. Karma Club it's about to go down tonight!!!!

  14. A lot done. Nothing completed. Just another day.

  15. Finally awake. I'm gonna miss vacation.

  16. Lost in concentration. It's been a while.

  17. I maybe wrong with this. But dosen't the PS4 looks alot like the PS2?

  18. Dem say what does happen in the dark does come out in the light eventually. Mouth open story jump out.

  19. I don't get why all the conferences came in less than 24 this year at #e3. I was really content taking in one show a day.

  20. Sucker Free Sundays cancelled tonight at Karma Lounge.

  21. Sucker Free Sundays with #Winnipeg Best Dancehall selectah Dj No Skratch at Karma Lounge. Tonight!!!

  22. Karma Lounge it is.

  23. Karma Saturdays. The most diverse night in Winnipeg.

  24. Karma Lounge!!!! Let's do it!!!

  25. lol. You ever realize the people who complain the most about people in their business are the ones who bleed their feelings on Facebook. Practice what you preach...

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