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  1. It would be nice to have my umbrella today but somebody...*cough, cough* @BriaBe_Stackin lost it -__-

  2. RT @MakalaMichele: New shit don't excite me anymore.

  3. Myesha put me on top!

  4. RT @mi_tierra: Skip Bayless is going to be ranting about Tebow for the rest of the week

  5. Goodmorning Twitter

  6. lol oh aight well hmu and well see wat we can do

  7. everybody came back this semester

  8. Lol I should've known Kiana would RT that

  9. damn homie...that sucks RT @Megswitlegs: Phone getting absolutely NO love today smh

  10. watch if I fall off I bet them haters disappear...

  11. !!! RT @thats_GATES: Was getting some great ass sleep, and now im awake! -______-

  12. RT @KAT_Woman__: "Straight up... Now tell me do you really wanna love me forever... Ohh ohh ohhhhh!!!"

  13. Let's do it RT @_labelle22 I want cookout, who trying to go?

  14. Y'all coons gon come back n mess it up tho

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