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  1. Beneficial Jupiter is visiting your 10th House of Public Succe... More for Leo http://t.co/o4qIg2Ub

  2. Found a classic for you nighas...

  3. they be thinking its a game, till i fuck and forget they name.

  4. You enjoy feeling fully alive, but may grow tired of getting b... More for Leo http://t.co/o4qIg2Ub

  5. When was the last time you got exact change from the dandy's man?

  6. I'm sure not one person will agree to that decision.

  7. Am I the only person that watched Code Lyoko faithfully?

  8. You can take the edge off your anxiety by engaging in competit... More for Leo http://t.co/o4qIg2Ub

  9. i need to know the nearest guitar center tryna get this SL2 for the low.

  10. seriously my life health and strength. Thankful more than you know.

  11. rocko got a new mixtape.

  12. Shoutout to the homie. I'm not gone @ him due to previous tweets. But he came thru. Big ups.

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