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  1. Hope it doesn't hurt so bad when the numbness wears off tho

  2. You might feel invincible today, but in reality you are not. Y... More for Aries http://t.co/NB18Bwvh

  3. I been chillin being productive all day now my damn tooth wanna hurt! Grrrrr!

  4. My blackberry been freezin up all day and its irritating me

  5. I'm bored of being bored because being bored is boring! did i mention i was bored?

  6. Sometimes you forget how forceful you can sound when trying to... More for Aries http://t.co/NB18Bwvh

  7. Today's New Moon emphasizes your 7th House of Partnerships, sh... More for Aries http://t.co/NB18Bwvh

  8. Lemme go get this 12hrs started

  9. Sup ppl. How yall doin today?

  10. Talk talk talk talk...its a bit early in the a.m. to be doin too much talking..

  11. I'm thinking while she on tha phone doing all that fussin n cussin she could just call tha EMS

  12. You may be fast-talking early in the day, but you could grow t... More for Aries http://t.co/NB18Bwvh

  13. On tha couch chillin..watchin some movie called gutter king..#missinher

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