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  1. Here at black bear diner !

  2. It's about time Fresno state fired pat hill!! With his we'll play anyone anywhere ......and lose shit! Nice one pat!!

  3. Just hit my wife with a snowball!!! Tight!

  4. Being at the flea market just makes me wanna buy hella shit I don't need

  5. Shit got real. Gonna be a long night.

  6. Fuck my family has problems!! Shuts fucked up!

  7. Hey go check out DVSDano @ the Grand Opening of @dvsshoecompany @MatixProgress store. 60% off everything Friday thru Sunday!

  8. Now off to the flea market!!

  9. Nothing worth achieving comes without a price!

  10. Yeah me and Liddy were talking about it today I talked to Dano from DVS about it. @lottdawg

  11. That means ur gonna have to buy DC's now! Haha @liddiebugm

  12. Had great breakfast burrito!!

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