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  1. Take that monkey sh*t off you embarrassing us!

  2. That was some real G shit, they tied that nigga aladdin up and threw in the River.. lol

  3. LOTFH pt. 2 Dropping soon. S/O @itsChevy_DMV

  4. Im still up cookin in the kitchen..#Woorrrkkk

  5. Get Get Down on tha Flo! @Ktee_dmv Single http://t.co/XAWFIFva produced by ya boy!

  6. #honesthour...... i really hate school.

  7. I swag in my Snap, what it be! http://t.co/oearnCih Show some luv to my #DmvTexas fam @ktee_Dmv and @YoungShod_Dmv

  8. L7 Weeeeeenieeee!!!

  9. Check out my #DmvTexas fam @Ab_dmv new single feat. @Ktee_Dmv "Now Swag" (Street Mix) http://t.co/zeljNot3

  10. Man this shit if FUCKIN STUPID!!!!!

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