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  1. they lovin the crewwwwwwww

  2. I need @_ChinaDOLL9 to make my lunches lol

  3. 29 days til my b day

  4. Thank god I made it to work wit no accidents cause its snowing like a fool out there

  5. At work chilling getting money

  6. Food was on point thanks to @_ChinaDOLL9 for helping me wit some of it lol stomach bout to explode

  7. Bout to cook this thanksgiving dinner by myself

  8. Cold as hell right now need that body heat

  9. Me myself and...... Lol

  10. Easy money at the job today lines broke down

  11. Ready to get off I'm gone past out when I get to the crib

  12. At work chilling on break

  13. Where is @_ChinaDOLL9 haven't heard from big baby all day

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