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    Blondie's Lipstick is your one stop site for the latest in fashion, music, advice and those on the rise to fame!! Check us out today! (We're always scouting for new talent to feature so if your music/talent/company deserves some spotlight contact us today! blondiesmag@gmail.com
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  2. I'm thankful 4 so much & that includes bein thankful 4 EVERYTHING u do! @_KayIM @20Something1985 @JayHueyHue @iTANtalizeU I LOVE MY TEAM!!

  3. Dreamers, Innovators, Originators . . . Ur the reason I love what I do!! *Muah!* http://t.co/aubs7kZB

  4. Tis the season for sharing and @Pinkberry’s doing it right. Check out this tasty surprise. http://t.co/4sEJbDyM - spon

  5. RT @iamTeamLee: For every dream dat dies, somewhere in this world another dream is born.... Dream on people-Team Lee

  6. Hello 2 all of our new followers!!! *Muah!* http://t.co/aubs7kZB

  7. Your best means of Lip Service *Muah!* http://t.co/aubs7kZB

  8. RT @Vita_Tulip: Its so cool having readers all over the world!!! @JayHueyHue @_KayIM (cont) http://t.co/S8OS1sYH

  9. DANG!!! Kid Capri jus ruined their high! (but Team Whip really was garbage) #MasteroftheMix

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