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  1. Fox is coming out with a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon. Lol

  2. RT @Pharrell: Yeah y'all CHECK OUT @TheRealDJKhaled NEW ALBUM TITLE!!! WATCH THIS --> http://t.co/nwzrj2PQ #KISSTHERING

  3. #np Beethoven - Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op.92

  4. Los Angeles Angels better have a strong revenue generating strategy to milk the Latino community to justify this Pujols deal

  5. Signed up for a Media Planning coast for next semester. Kinda hype

  6. "Life happens while you're planning for it"

  7. Follow The Solefull Lounge on twitter !! ---> @solefull_lounge http://t.co/SRRZCd7l

  8. Katy Perry on track to break Michael Jackson's #1 single record! http://t.co/hvc5NY9G @solefull_lounge @katyperry #Music #marketing

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