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  1. Ready for breakfast, I been up for two hours and my alarm doesn't go off til 6 #WhyAmIUp

  2. Who wants to go on a #Walmart run with me after I get off?

  3. Had a great time with the @wwsundevils game last night! All my followers contact me and help support this movement! @TRMMProductions does!

  4. Listening to this new Drake #TakeCare good so far! #GoodMusic

  5. The master plan starts tomorrow! With the help of Jehovah, Rami, & Nette!

  6. Hardest thing to do, loading up a new hard drive! I got too much music lol #IamHipHop

  7. RT @Mr_Postman_704: My next house want have a kitchen ~ just vending machines. No free snacks lol!

  8. We're one of the best voice/production companies out! We build relationships and have competitive pricing call us 323-629-1957 for a quote!

  9. Just knocked out a banging commercial spot for the @JColeNC afterparty, the work speaks for itself contact us at 323-629-1957

  10. We're giving back this week! Call us at 323-629-1957 for crazy college/homecoming deals & packages.

  11. Kinda nippy this morning had to cut the heat on! Lol

  12. Ok so getting my haircut, then breakfast at my sisters, then grocery shopping, then football! Call me if you need me in between time.

  13. Knocked out the commercial for @madden12tour, spot is fire! Enter to win $1,500 in the Madden 12 Tournament Oct 5 @ Buffalo Wild Wings

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